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Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

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In the world of alcohol, Gin is having its fifteen minutes of fame. Lately, bars all around New York City are featuring all of their signature mixed gin drinks. A classic that is refreshing especially during the summer, we aren’t surprised that it is currently so popular. Want to try it out for yourself? Check out the hype at any of these gin hot spots:

Gin Palace

This place is the perfect example of the current popularity of Gin. Unlike other bars and lounges that feature it among many other drinks on the menu, this place is Gin specific. They have twenty different varieties of Gin served in fifteen different cocktails- how will you ever make a decision? Here’s some help- one of the favorites is a ginger, yucca, and lemon drink called the Uzi Tenebaum. While making that decision you will find yourself surround by a décor that is both dark and manly with black leather benches and neon lights and a crowd that is both eccentric and trendy. Go get yourself a cold glass of Gin- they do specialize in it.


95 Ave A, East Village


Everyone has been talking about the bar and restaurant specializing in Modern British cuisine and Gin, Whitehall. They feature complex flavors of Gin that are brought to you with their well-crafted cocktail program which keeps things fun and interesting and is definitely something to check out. The menu is extremely extensive and knows how to satisfy each and every taste. The décor is large and industrial; inspired by train stations and green gardens in London and will definitely keep you feeling free and airy in such an open space. With over twenty different varieties of Gin on their list, this place is definitely having a say in making the drink the talk of the town this summer. While you’re visiting, try the delicious food and desserts that have also been getting rave reviews. We suggest the brownie dessert. Definitely a must-try. Enjoy!

Flatiron Lounge

The Flatiron Lounge is a classy, old timey, art deco inspired lounge that is famous for their martinis. Opened in 2003, this is a hot spot for those who love a taste of the oldies. Reminiscent of the 1920s era and jazz music, its location was built in 1900 and carries on the old time elegance of so many years ago. Once a popular hangout for Frank Sinatra, it is now a casual place for young people to stop in for a drink before a long night out or after dinner and enjoy the life of luxury.


37 West 19th street, Flatiron

Find out for yourself why this is the city’s new favorite summer drink. Visit any of these three locations and you are sure to be satisfied with the complex and refreshing taste of Gin in a cocktail, martini, or straight up. Cheers!

Written by: Maria Crawford